self-host? more like self-coast-into-hell

took me a while but i’ve been bitten by the self hosting bug. current plans are to run:

the yunohost image seems like it’d be easy to get most of this going. although i have seen a comment that suggests it does some silly things with systemd

some form of vanilla linux with docker or even k3s/microk8s would also be fine

but why?

i deal with too many services and a lot of the nice replacements tend to be require self-hosting. i also want to reduce my dependence on obsidian and also be able to access it at work.

i could also add some fedi* stuff but we’ll see. that stuffs expensive on the ol’ bandwidth

the missing thing?

backups. if i do any of this, i need solid ways to back everything up. i will make a post about that (assuming i ever even get around to all this)

very quick sketch

i thought it best to also sketch it out. there’s a lot missing (volumes, server services) and kinda wrong (the ‘vpn’ section points the wrong ways), but this is the bulk of my idea. i guess i finally have a project with a defined goal? nice

randomly thought of a good name for this: lockelhost

but an even better idea for the domain name